Lash Maintenance

How to Clean and Maintain your Elyzian Beauty Lashes-

Materials you’ll need:

  • Paper Towels
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Oil-Free Makeup remover
  • Q-tip
  • Small cup
  • Lash Brush/ Spooly
  • Curling iron (Optional)


  • Place paper towel on a flat surface! This is where you’ll be cleaning your Mink lash strips
  • Pour a decent amount of rubbing alcohol or an oil free makeup remover in a small cup. If you feel that the glue is thick and has lots of make-up build up, I recommend using the oil free Makeup remover instead of rubbing alcohol!
  • Dip q-tip in alcohol but make sure that the q-tip is not soaked. Mink lashes are very delicate! It needs less liquids to keep its shape, and curl! 
  • Very gently, use the q-tip to stroke and clean lash hairs from the top, then flip them over and repeat steps to the bottom.
  • Grab a new q-tip and dip tip in alcohol again. Now, you will clean the band. Please rub alcohol on band gently, but firm enough to loosen the glue! Once you do that, you may use your fingers or tweezers to remove excess glue. Grip the lash hairs gently in one hand and remove with the other! If you start to see that the lash band is starting to rip due to the stuck glue, use scissors to trim the glue from the band. 
  • Clean your clear lash insert that is in your Elyzian Beauty box with rubbing alcohol and place your lashes back in the box to regain its shape!
  • Once in the box, leave lashes near a sunny area in your home so the lashes can dry using sunlight. You can now use your lash brush to brush your lashes! 
  • If you feel that your lashes aren’t fluffy like before, grab your curling iron. Place curling iron a few inches away from your lashes, and watch them start to fluff again!
  • Please keep lashes in box when not using!

Please note that these are suggestions on how to clean and maintain products.